Rainbow Ombre Quilted Vinyl 18" x 53" Roll

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Our ombre rainbow quilted vinyl is ideal for your unique bag making projects. The quilted vinyl fabric showcases a breathtaking transition of ombre rainbow hues, making your projects stand out with an added pop of color and charm. Perfect for all types of bags, from stylish purses to trendy tote bags. We love our Ombre Rainbow Webbing with this Vinyl too!

Our vinyl rolls are conveniently pre-cut measuring 18" x 53" (with a margin of +/- 1"). This means that if you order more than one roll, they will come as separate pieces rather than a single continuous length of fabric.

Made of high-quality PVC material, this fabric exhibits excellent durability, resilience, ideal for crafting stylish and long-lasting bags. With a moderate thickness of 0.9mm, this fabric ensures sturdiness without compromising flexibility.

Easy to work with, our ombre rainbow quilted vinyl can be easily maneuvered under any domestic or industrial sewing machine

- Our product images are presented as accurately as possible, however, the actual color of the item may appear slightly different depending on the calibration and brightness level of your device's screen.

- The foam backing emits a strong odor, which could be discomforting or distracting. We suggest unrolling and airing it out for a full day before using it. This allows any residual smells to dissipate.