Set of 3 Zipper Pal, Pocket Pal & Rivet Pal

$25.97 $28.88

Love all of our "Pal" acrylic templates? Then this listing is for you! You will receive a set of three, which includes a Zipper Pal + a Pocket Pal, + a Rivet Pal.

A 10% Savings over buying them individually! 

Colors to choose from:

  • Turquoise Glitter
  • Purple Glitter
  • Pink Glitter
  • Clear Glitter with Stars
  • Combo Set (we pick a combo of colors for you!)

The glitter sparkles like a diamond ring!


The Sew Yours Zipper Pal is a multi-function tool. Just look at all the different ways this zipper/rivet template can be used! Make sure you watch the how-to video too!

1. Create zipper overlays
2. Use the rivet placement guide to place rivets on your overlay
3. Use for zipper facings
4. Use the two holes as a guide to rivet placement for purse handles/straps
5. Also functions as a 9-inch ruler

MEASURES: 9" x 2.5"

The Sew Yours Pocket Pal acrylic template is the perfect size for creating 7" Zipper Overlays in your handbags. As a bonus, there are two holes to allow you to mark placement for rivets if desired. We all love a little extra rivet bling!

Your Pocket Pal also functions as a ruler.

Can be used with #3 or #5 Zippers.

BUY MORE AND SAVE! Buy a Pocket Pal for yourself and one for your sewing sister(s).

MEASURES: 8.5" x 1.75"

The Sew Yours Rivet Pal functions as a 7" ruler but more importantly than that it allows you to mark placement for your rivets on bag straps. 

The Rivet Pal has eight holes in total. Four holes for placing rivets with strap ends, and the opposite side has another four holes for placing rivets with a raw end. Make sure you join our Sew Yours YouTube Channel, as we'll be posting a How-To Video this week!

BUY MORE AND SAVE! Buy a Zipper Pal for yourself and one for your sewing sister(s).

MEASURES: 7" x 1"