Why is creating an account necessary?
While it is not mandatory to have an account, being logged in before a purchase allows for lifetime access to your patterns and the ability to keep track of your orders.

What are your refund/return & shipping policies?
Refund/Return Policy

Shipping Policy

The item I wish to purchase is out of stock, when will you restock it?

Should you desire to buy an item that is currently unavailable, please navigate to the item on our site and look for a black button that will appear on the upper center part of your screen. By entering your email there, we can promptly alert you when the item becomes available again.



What are the steps to download my purchased pattern?
To download the pattern you purchased, you can either click on the download link provided in the email we sent you (please check your SPAM folder), or you can log into your account on our website to download it.

I don't have a printer. Can you ship me a printed pattern?
Currently, we don't provide the service. Instead, you can take advantage of services offered by local printing outlets like Office Depot by uploading the file for printing. To make the process simpler for you, we're glad to send you the specific pages containing the pattern via email, so you can just upload this file for printing. Please email us with this request and include your order number.

Do your patterns come with a video tutorial?
Yes, every sewing pattern we provide comes with an accompanying video tutorial. The tutorial links are easily accessible, and you can find them either on each sewing pattern, product listing, or within the PDF of the sewing pattern.

Are your patterns accompanied by SVG or Projector files?
We are in the process of including SVG & Projector files with all our sewing patterns. To find out which patterns already have SVG & Projector files included, please review the product listing or description.

Do your patterns come in different languages?
Our patterns are exclusively offered in English.

Are there any acrylic templates available for your sewing patterns?

Currently, we do not provide any acrylic templates for Sew Yours patterns. Additionally, no third party is permitted to create such templates from our patterns.

Are your sewing patterns refundable?
Upon finalizing your order, your PDF Pattern will be immediately sent to your email and can also be downloaded directly from your account. However, please note that due to their digital nature, PDF Patterns cannot be refunded.

We'd love to teach one of your sewing patterns in our sewing classes, do we have your permission to do so?
Kindly email us for more information.


Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, we provide free shipping for orders over $199 that are delivered to US addresses.

Is it possible to include more items to my order that is yet to be shipped?
Absolutely, we will do our best to combine your order. Please place an additional order and we will consolidate the shipments, reimbursing any excess shipping charges. Simply notify us through an email stating that you have made two orders.

What is your shipping speed?

Typically, our goal is to ship between 24-48 hours, barring pattern or product launch days. On those days shipping could potentially require an extra 2-3 business days.

What steps should I take if my package is being sent back due to an incorrect address?
Please send us an email. Usually, we can immediately resend your package, once you have covered the cost of the reshipment.

What steps should I take if there's no update on my package tracking? USPS advises that for domestic orders, we should wait for 45 days before lodging a claim for a misplaced package. For international orders, a waiting period of 90 days is required before filing a claim. Often, packages may halt tracking while undergoing processing in your country's customs. In case there's no progress with the order within the mentioned time frame, feel free to send us an email, and we will file a request for missing mail.

If my package goes missing, what do I do? Please note, that we are not held accountable for packages misplaced by the postal carrier. Should this situation arise, and it is outside of the above timeframes mentioned, email us to discuss lodging a claim for the missing package with the relevant postal service.

What if my package says it was delivered but I never received it?
If your package is marked as delivered but you have not received it, unfortunately, we cannot be held accountable for any lost packages. As this matter is beyond our control, we suggest reaching out to your local postal service for additional details about your package. Often, the package might have been delivered to a neighbor or prematurely marked as delivered, in which case, it typically shows up within a few days.

Is international shipping available? How much would it cost?
Indeed, we do offer global shipping. Please note that any orders shipped beyond the borders of the USA are deemed final and not subject to returns, refunds, or exchanges. To determine the specific shipping cost, you need to add the desired items to your shopping cart and input your address. This will automatically calculate the shipping charges for you. The delivery timeline for international orders varies and is dependent on the shipping method chosen by you.

Are there customs charges for international orders?
International orders may incur customs fees. However, the postal service does not furnish us with details regarding which countries impose these fees, or their specific amounts. Therefore, we suggest you use a customs calculator to approximate the potential duty fees applicable in your country. Kindly note, that any customs or import fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Sew Yours Team

Hannah, Melissa, Sharon, Angela

Welcome to Sew Yours! Sew Yours is the ultimate destination for all bag supplies. From our unique sewing patterns and detailed video tutorials by Melissa and celebrated guests, to our high-quality supplies like hardware kits, handbag zippers, and more - we've got everything you need. Our downloadable PDF patterns are user-friendly, featuring detailed images and video guides to suit different learning styles. Don’t forget to join our vibrant community on YouTube, Facebook Group, Instagram, and TikTok for a daily dose of inspiration and to share your incredible creations. 


Sew Yours, founded by Melissa, a pattern designer fueled by passion and over twenty years of self-taught experience, Sew Yours is more than just a brand - it's a community where imagination turns into reality. With each handbag she designs, Melissa infuses her love for functional bag-making, ensuring every creation is not only stylish but also practical for daily use.


Meet Hannah, our phenomenal Retail Manager at Sew Yours. Her impeccable organization skills and dedication play a pivotal role in our day-to-day operations. Thanks to Hannah, our inventory stays up-to-date and our orders ship out on time and accurately, ensuring a smooth experience for our growing family of bag makers.


April 2024 marked a milestone for us with the opening of our first brick-and-mortar store, and with it, we were lucky to welcome Angela to our team. Angela’s radiant energy and deep understanding of bag-making and quilting make her the perfect guide for anyone stepping into our world, whether online or in-person. Her goal? To make your journey from picking the right pattern to completing your dream bag as joyful and effortless as possible.


That same exciting April, Sharon joined our Sew Yours family. With her extensive expertise in bag-making, Sharon has become the go-to person for crafters seeking advice or inspiration. Her dedication to customer service and her eye for quality materials ensure that your bag-making experience is nothing short of excellent.