• 20 - 22 Rivets or Chicago Screws

  • (2) 10" #3 or #5 zippers (exterior back pocket and interior zipper pocket) or 9" zipper tape and zipper pull x2

  • (2) 10" #3 or #5 zippers (exterior back pocket and interior zipper pocket) or 9" zipper tape and zipper pull x2

  • (1) 12” Zipper or 11” Zipper Tape and Pull (for lining zipper divider pocket)

  • 1" or 1.5" O-Rings or (2) 1" D-Rings or (2) 1" Rectangle Rings

  • Flap Closure Options: (1) Magnetic Snap, or  (1) 95mm Turn Lock, or (1) Twist Lock – see below photos

  • (2) 1” Strap Ends (optional)   
  • (4) Purse Feet (optional)

  • 1” Tri-Glide (optional – only if making adjustable strap)


  • 1 yard of exterior fabric (suggested fabrics: vinyl, cork, quilt cotton, home décor)

  • 1 yard of lining fabric (suggested fabrics: quilt cotton or waterproof canvas)

  • 2 yards of lightweight woven fusible interfacing such as Pellon ShapeFlex SF101 or fusible fleece. Note: woven interfacing not required when using vinyl/cork/waterproof canvas.

  • 1/2 yard of Decovil Light, Sew Fuse Plus, or Pellon Flex Foam Stabilizer FF78F1

  • 1/4 yard of Decovil Heavy 526


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