The Martini Crossover hardware kit is available for purchase

    • 1 1/2 yard of exterior fabric (suggested fabrics: vinyl, cork, quilt cotton, home décor)
    • 1/4 yard of accent/print fabric for exterior slip pocket (recommended fabrics: quilt cotton, home decor)
    • 1/2 yard of lining fabric (suggested fabrics: quilt cotton or waterproof canvas)
    1-2 yards woven interfacing such as Pellon ShapeFlex SF101

    1/2 yard of Pellon Flex Foam Stabilizer FF78F1 or Decovil Light or fusible fleece 
    Approximately 4.5" x 12" piece of Decovil Heavy 526 for the base of the bag. This isn't required but does give the bottom of the bag stability


      (2) 1” D-Rings or O-Rings or Rectangle Rings

      (1) 1” Strap Slider

      12" #5 zipper tape for for main zipper closures + 1 zipper pull

      (2) 8" #5 or #3 cuts of zipper tape for exterior front & lining pockets + 2 zipper pulls

      Optional but Recommended:
      (2) 1” Swivel Clasps, (4-6) Purse Feet, (2) 1” Strap Ends, (4) additional 1” Rectangle Rings to allow Grab & Go handles to drop

      4-8 Rivets (or Chicago Screws
      • 6-7mm for thinner fabrics or
      • 8-9mm for thicker fabrics


      Rotary cutter or scissors