Milled Grain Faux Leather 18" x 53" Roll


Experience the ultimate luxury with our Milled Grain Faux Leather fabric resembling the look and feel of real leather. Created from top-notch materials, this fabric combines strength with elegance, minus the high cost and difficult upkeep.

Choose from 4 beautiful and versatile colors to enhance your bag-making projects. The fabric comes in a convenient pre-cut roll measuring 18" x 53" (with a margin of +/- 1"), making it ready for immediate use. This means that if you order more than one roll, they will come as separate pieces rather than a single continuous length of fabric.

Sewing with our faux leather is easy, whether you're using a semi industrial or industrial sewing machine. It's made of PU material with a thickness of 1.0 mm.

- Our product images are presented as accurately as possible; however, the actual color of the item may appear slightly different depending on the calibration and brightness level of your device's screen.

Our faux leather features a subtle one-way stretch. You may want to consider using a lightweight interfacing like our Sew Woven Fusible Interfacing. We recommend using the woven interfacing on handles or bags that will bear a heavy load.

- Press the faux leather, on the wrong side, on a low temperature setting with a pressing cloth to remove wrinkles. Ensure you do not press for too long to avoid damaging the faux leather.

- A few of these dyes used in some of the colors have a mild scent, which might be noticeable. If you find the odor uncomfortable or distracting, we recommend unrolling and letting it air out for 24 hours before use. This allows any residual smells to dissipate.