Mini Pals - Set of 3 Acrylic Templates

$24.17 $26.85

Enhance your handbag creations with our exclusive Mini Pal Acrylic Template Set! This bundle includes three exquisite templates: Mini Pal I, Mini Pal II, and Mini Pal III, each designed to add sophistication to your bags. Specifically crafted for smaller handbags, like the delightful Itty Bitty Bowler, these petite templates are ideal for creating chic zipper overlays. With an inner rectangle measuring 5" in width by 1/2" in height, they accommodate a 5 zipper opening seamlessly.

Take advantage of a special offer with this set, providing you a 10% discount compared to purchasing each template individually. Plus, customize your crafting toolkit by choosing from a range of sparkling colors:

- Turquoise Glitter
- Purple Glitter
- Pink Glitter
- Clear Glitter with Stars
- Combo Set (Let us surprise you with a mixed selection of colors!)