Screw In Grommets


Elevate your handbag game with the sophisticated touch of grommets! Don't forget to complete the look with our must-have gate rings, sold separately.

Sold in sets of 2.

Measuring in at 28mm x 3mm D (inner diameter x 13.5 mm), these grommets are the perfect finishing touch to any stylish bag.

Installing them is a breeze! Simply use a round punch from a hallow punch set to create the perfect-sized hole and select the closest match to the grommet's hole. Then add the Grommet to each side of the fabric and screw in.

Our Duplicity Handbag pattern easily transforms into a chic crossbody with the help of these grommets and gate rings, sold separately.

*Actual color may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. Rainbow finish varies slightly from one another as none of them are exactly alike due to the iridescence finish. Antique Brass varies between pieces (D-Rings, Snap Hooks, Etc) as the plating process is done by hand.